Electrical Switchboard Services in Geelong

Power Optimisation

Optimise the power your switchboard can handle and put out by upgrading your old and out-of-date system with a new modern one. By upgrading your switchboard, you can better accommodate your electrical needs for your business without the risk of overloading and shocking your system. We can come out and inspect your system and help you determine the best upgrade for you and your business's needs.

Safety Switches and Surge Protection

There are two pieces of equipment which are crucial if you want to help protect your electronics and electrical system. They are safety switches and surge protectors. A safety switch is a master switch to turn off power during emergencies which is easy to operate. Surge protectors keep dangerous power surges from coming in and damaging or destroying your sensitive electronics in your business. Notting Electrical can help you install, repair and maintain your electrical protection system for your business.

General Services

We can do all the basic services for switchboards, safety switches and surge protectors. If you require any new installation, inspection, repair or asbestos removal on your electrical safety systems, let us know and we can do it for you.

Asbestos removal service available

Continuous Improvement

As society continues to progress towards the digital age, we have to take the steps to keep up with the changes and power demands. If you have a business building which needs a power upgrade, let us know and we can help your grid modernise and stay up to date.
Optimise Your Power
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