Electrical Rewiring in Geelong

Perfect for Renovations

When you renovate your home or business, it is much more than knocking down a few walls. You also have to move and adjust the wiring to fit the changes you are making. You may run into a few problems while trying to adjust your wiring and power to match the renovation. 

Are the wires long enough to reach? Do you have the required power points you need? What about the lights? Have you turned off the power before touching any wires? There are many things you should consider both for design and for safety when it comes to rewires. Allow our professional electricians to handle this side of the renovation for you. No matter how big or small your renovation may be, Notting Electrical can help get your power to where you need.

Customised wiring per your specifications

Start Renovating Today

Give Notting Electrical a call today to help start with your renovation project. We can help with your wiring needs from beginning to end. You don’t want to smash into a wall and strike a wire or finish a project just to end up with no power. We can handle any project you have and we offer free quotes so that you know exactly what is involved.
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