New Homes

New Homes

New Home Electrical Wiring in Geelong

Made to Order

The reason why you built a new home was so that you could get everything you wanted, how you want it. It’s not just with the structure and the layout of the rooms, but that also applies to the power and the electrical needs you have for your home. 

At Notting Electrical, we understand how important your new home is to you and so we work directly with the builders and you to build your electrical layout exactly as you designed it. Our professional electricians will wire and install your entire home’s electrical system with the highest quality of workmanship as well so that it meets housing electrical standards.

We can even customise your system for you to meet your exact power needs and offer out professional advice for any recommendations or adjustments that may help.

Directly collaborate with the builders and you for the perfect build

Take Control

Finally, you can have the power points in your home exactly where you need them to be so that powering your devices is more convenient. Or, you can have the newest LED lighting system installed or USB ports on your power sockets to charge your mobile devices. The beauty of building new homes is that you get to take control of the design, and the beauty about our service is that we can customise your power to what you need. Give us a call today to start and to receive a free quote.
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